Drew Morrison Illustration 


This is a free preview of my self published comic book, BROKENLAND.


“Because we could all use a little yearning, hope and optimism in the miasmic horror of everyday life, city-dweller or not.
It takes courage to be tender right now, and skill to balance that tenderness with a dose of reality.
Brokenland achieves this fine balance with a ton of imagination, visual interest, and sequential flair.
Meeso is the delicate little trash child who lives in all of us, and we must defend them with our lives.”

     - Christa Harader for Comic Book Yeti

“Morrison relies solely on his artwork to tell the story of Meeso in Brokenland — and he sticks the landing.  
It’s very much a surreal interpretation of scrolling through a Twitter feed nowadays.
And Morrison was able to capture that anxiety into compelling artwork with layers of context. ”

- Michael Fromm for Monkeys Fighting Robots
Brokenland is a breath of fresh air at the mountain-peek of late capitalist trash.  Drew Morrison's character,
Meeso, brings a sense of innocence to the cascade of waste and climate change we overlook everyday.”

     - Brian White

“Brokenland is an undoubtedly charming series which blends complex settings, familiar themes
with an abstract art style but in a way that really works in perfect synergy.”

-The Valkyries

“Every panel was extremely detailed, odd and amusing.  It’s refreshing that there are still creative minds
like yourself doing new things and not bowing down to conventional ways of thought.”

     - Jason Johnson Experience